Annual energy production

The past 2022 is a year for Macro-Solar Technology Co., Ltd. to carry on the vigorous development. In this year, the company continues to improve the existing production capacity based on the grade for improving the products and playing the independent Macro-Solar brand. Looking into the future development, the enterprise made the following plans in 2023: First, we, Macro-Solar Technology, will continue to increase the development and installation of rooftop distributed power plants for enterprises and farmers' households, with a total project investment of 300 million yuan expected to complete a total installed capacity of 45 megawatts (including 40 megawatts for enterprises and 10 megawatts for 2500 households of distributed power plants for farmers' households). We will also develop, design and install photovoltaic power generation systems for rivers, agricultural sheds and other places. Secondly, our goal of Macro-Solar Technology will be transformed from a manufacturing enterprise to a combination with an application-oriented enterprise to prolong the vitality of the enterprise and achieve sustainable development. Third, the output value of Macro-Solar Technology will be 200 million RMB this year, and we will strive to complete 250 million RMB. Fourth, we Macro-Solar Technology strive to use 5 years of vigorous development and growth, 5 years on the company with the energy situation is increasingly tight and the environmental protection cause of deeper requirements, the market demand for solar modules will be increasingly large, our company through the operation of the project has laid a good scientific research foundation in the solar industry, in the future product development and perfection will be further strengthened, and strive to develop into a set of In the future, we will further strengthen our product development and improvement, and strive to develop into a high-tech enterprise that integrates production and sales. At the same time, we also hope to be based in Jiaxing, radiating to the whole Yangtze River Delta, attracting more companies and friends interested in the solar industry to cooperate together for a better future, and also to make a contribution to the national energy construction as much as possible. Since 2016, Macro-Solar Technology Co., Ltd. has established the Distributed Project Department of Macro-Solar Technology Co., Ltd. to engage in commercial and industrial distributed power plants and household distributed power plant business. The city has built 22,000 home rooftop photovoltaic installations As of November 2021, 50 MW of self-owned enterprise distributed power plants and over 200 MW of cumulative construction and installation. Family distributed power station development and installation of more than 1600 households in Pinghu, more than 1000 households in Jiashan, more than 2000 households in Shanghai and more than 7000 households in Anhui.